Candy (company)

Candy is a large family-owned Italian company based in Brugherio, near Milan, that manufactures domestic appliances.
Candy's appliances such as washing machines and fridges are known more through their continued marketing of the Hoover and Kelvinator brands, with over 80% of sales outside Italy.
The adventure into household appliances began when Enzo, one of the three Fumagalli brothers, mailed from the United States, where he was a prisoner of war, rough drawings of a washing machine. His brother Niso, who had started the appliance operations with their father Eden, engineered the switch to the development and production of washing machines. Peppino, the younger brother, set up the administrative and management structure of the company.
Peppino Fumagalli was awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of Labour) honour by the President of the Italian Republic Giovanni Leone in 1973; He was appointed as CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 1998. At the end of 2013, the structure of the Group was organised into three Business Sectors: washing appliances, kitchen appliances and small domestic appliances, with full responsibility on relevant product lines. The commercial organization has been split in three geographical areas: Europe, Russia, rest of the world, with strategic facilities in China and Turkey. With the completion of the acquisition program, the international presence of the Group has been consolidated, while R&D and innovation capabilities are centralized in the Headquarters in Brugherio (MB), Italy.
In 1985, the Group acquired Zerowatt, producer of top-loading washing machines and dryers. This was followed by Gasfire, an Italian prestigious name in built-in cooking appliances. In 1987, came Rosieres, a prestigious French brand, well known for its top-of-the-range built-in cooking appliances.
In 1992, Candy acquired Mayc-Otsein of Spain, a specialist in top-loading washing machines. The following year saw the addition of Iberna in Italy, a well-known national brand in the cooling segment.