Reason washing machine

The Reason washing machine is an eco friendly design of the washing machine, with an emphasis on ease of use, invented by the architect Andrew Reason.
Mr Reason suffered a back injury when playing rugby. He then read a Sunday supplements article that asked 40,000 people what they wanted from a washing machine and the most requested feature was a larger door for easier loading and unloading. Reason sketched plans of a machine with a drum which slides out when you open the washing machine door to allow easy access. He added green features; the machine automatically weighed the washing to dispense exactly the right amount of water and detergent, and instead of a concrete base, the water used for the wash acted as ballast. Reason approached the major manufacturers but they did not want to incorporate it at that time. Reason and his team in Pembrokeshire, Wales claimed that the machine could clean clothes using less energy and water, and was easy to load.
The Reason Washing Machine Kickstarter page claims an increased load capacity of 12 kg as opposed to 10 kg in its previous launch in 2009. Other changes claimed include powered opening and closing of the sliding drum. The product was originally launched in January 2009, with the slogan "The best washing machine ever made?", and by March 2009 they employed 11 people. The first 200 machines were auctioned on the internet, and the company aimed to build 100,000 more by the end of 2010. A production line was created to meet demand, which the company anticipated would require 150 people. The company is located in Pembrokeshire, Wales.